When Looking to Sell Your Home in Austin, Trust a Local Investor!

You are a young couple living in the North Loop and are looking to expand your family, but your starter home just isn’t big enough or is riddled with issues. Your best intentions to renovate evaporated when you realized how much money, time and frustration it will take to get it all done.  

Your fixer upper has become a full-fledged money pit and you just need to sell it. Then you realize that selling off a blighted home could take months and you may not get the money you need for it. Luckily Doug Watts with Your Austin Home Buyer is your hometown housing expert, and he can help! 

Growth can sometimes feel like a double-edged sword, and Austin has experienced the pros and cons of consistent growth over the last several years. While growth brings prospects for new employment and community offerings, it also brings with it a depleting of resources. No truer is the latter realized than in housing.  

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Is the Austin Real Estate Market Cooling? 

According to a recent Austin Housing Market Report, data shows that there may be a cooling in the market in certain metrics, while other metrics are still white hot: 

  • Housing inventory continues to decline, with a 4.2% decrease in availability between November and December of 2022.  
  • Market conditions show that it is still a seller’s market, but the needle continues to move towards a more neutral market.  
  • New construction continues its freefall, which means you may be more likely to purchase an older home that needs some work.  
  • Home values are still increasing, but at a slower clip. Average sales time has increased by 100% (from 24 days to 47 days) and gone are the days of homes selling for more than the listing price. 

While Austin has experienced a 20% growth in the past 20 years, growth has slowed down.  

Doug Watts is a Texas native and understands the nuances that exist when selling a home. Not only did he grow up in Olympic Heights, but his family has roots in the community. 

Why Should I Go with a Local Real Estate Investor? 

Doug has made it his mission to give back to the community that he loves. Whether that is by helping sellers unload their home quickly and at a fair price, or guiding families through tapping into the equity of their home to deal with unforeseen financial circumstances, Doug makes sure that the best interests of his clients and community are his focus.  

Perhaps you adore the historic vibe of Old West Austin and fall in love with a classic Victorian home. Your current home, however, needs lots of love, and the thought of renovating gives you the shivers. Did you know that Doug and his team at Your Austin Home Buyer can do all the renovations for you and will clean up on their way out? Not only will the team do all the heavy lifting for you but will ensure you receive the highest possible cash offer for your home.  

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As a seasoned housing and investing expert, Doug and his team will provide you with a cash offer on your current home and the ability to close on that home in as little as seven days.   

Doug cares deeply for Austin and keeps his finger on the pulse of a city that is vibrant, lively, and always “weird.” He takes the time to understand the individual needs of his clients and will create a solution that fits those needs.  

As Doug says “Austin will always be my hometown, and I want to put good people back into the best financial situation they can be in. Whether that is helping a loved one’s parent transition to assisted living or helping someone out of a huge financial burden with their home, I’m there.” 

No matter which neighborhood you live in, whether it is Wells Branch or Shady Hollow, rest assured that Your Austin Home Buyer is here to help you! There is no better time than the present to schedule an appointment with Doug at Your Austin Home Buyer today!