Your Austin Home buyer History

Your Austin Home Buyer has been helping families who are struggling with undesirable housing situations for over six years. Doug Watts Jr, founder, and owner realized a specific need to help other Austinites navigate the often-difficult real estate landscape and put his expertise to use.

Our Core Values

Your Austin Home Buyer lives in and loves the Austin area. Our goal is to make life easier for Austinites by taking their problem house off their hands and helping them get to a better situation more quickly.

The Your Austin Home buyer Difference

Get a cash offer on your home

Decide to sell your home? We can give you cash!

Close fast on your home

As few as seven days!

Choose when you close on your home

Ready to move now? Need a month to wrap up some things? No problem.

Avoid closing costs when selling your home

 Seriously. We cover all closing costs.

Avoid bothersome repairs and decluttering

We’ll do all the renovations and clean up ourselves.

No appraisals

No real estate agent fees

We’re a local business

We always communicate effectively and keep everyone informed

We do what we say we’re going to do

We always answer the phone, and are very responsive

We’re honest and trustworthy

Who we Help

Those Moving to Assisted Living

Moving a parent or older family member to an assisted living facility can be daunting and expensive. Your focus should be on ensuring they get the best care possible, not worrying about the disarray that might have been left behind. 

However, the house they are leaving can often be a lot to deal with and a significant burden for adult children or caregivers. Rather than do the decluttering, cleaning, and renovating yourself to prepare the house, sell to Your Austin Home Buyer. 

We will give you a cash offer after just one viewing – and we’ll handle all the clean-up and renovations ourselves. 

 Other Reasons You Might Consider Selling Your House

You’ve inherited a house you don’t want

Too many repairs are needed

You are facing foreclosure

You need cash for other crucial expenses

You don’t want to landlord

Fire damage

Code violations

You don’t need the house and want it off your hands fast