Why Foundation Issues in Your Texas Home Points to Selling 

Why Do Texas Homes Struggle with Foundation Issues?  

Texas is known for its expansive clay. While it’s terrific for ranches and farmland, it’s a struggle when building new homes over the land. Clay soil expands when it’s wet and contracts as it dries. The weather in Austin is unpredictable as it comes, so there’s constant movement in the ground that surrounds your home.   

Eventually, pockets develop on the land and develop cracks that the weight of the home can’t support. It experiences settlement.   

According to MetroTex, the worst soil for buildings is right under the feet of our biggest population centers in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.    

The average cost of foundation repair for homeowners is typically over $4,000. If it’s major structural repairs or underpinning, it might cost well over $10,000.   

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What Happens If I Can’t Afford to Repair My Foundation Issues?  

As heartbreaking as it is, most homeowners wouldn’t be able to pay for the repairs. So, what do you do?   

You could do a traditional sale and see if the inspection of any buyers would recommend foundation repair. While this may sway buyers away, it isn’t an impossible task. Or you could partner with a real estate investor experienced in this repair. Your Austin Home Buyer understands Austin homes better than anyone.   

With over six years of experience in the industry, we can either partner with you to make the right improvements and sell your home together, or we can buy the house as-is from your hands.   

It just takes one appointment to get cash quickly for your Austin home. Book today while slots are available.