Are Austin Property Taxes Too Much to Handle?  

According to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, property taxes rose to $9,261 in fiscal year 2022 on average for homeowners in Austin, Texas. Yikes, right? This leaves a lot of homeowners vulnerable as Austin gets more expensive to live in.  

You may be thinking it’s time to get out, but how?  

Make a Late Payment 

Starting February 1st, penalties and interest are assessed until the taxes are paid in full.  It could be difficult to get caught up on the debt. 

Get a Tax Deferral 

According to the Travis County Tax Office, you can postpone paying your property taxes with a tax deferral as long as you live in the residence.  

This only applies to homeowners who are 65 or older and have filed for a senior exemption. You can also be approved for a disability exemption, but you must apply. However, you will still  be charged 5% interest  on the amount of taxes owed.


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Enroll in a Payment Plan  

The first installment must be paid before the due date and accompanied by notice to the taxing unit that the person intends to pay the remaining taxes in three installments (before April 1st and, before June 1st, and before August 1st of the same year.)  

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Consider Selling to an Austin Real Estate Investor 

If none of these seem like a viable option, you may consider selling your home to a real estate investor. Your Austin Home Buyer has been helping Austin families who are struggling with undesirable housing situations for over six years.  

He’s from the city and understands how complex these situations can be. He can make a no-obligation cash offer for your home after one appointment. Doug can cover everything from clean up, repairs, any closing costs, and buy in any condition. All you have to do is walk away with cash. 

Contact Doug Watts today and relieve the financial burden weighing you down. ke a no-obligation cash offer for your home after one appointment.